Sticky Notes Templates

Print onto 3 x 3 sticky notes, using Google Presentation and a regular printer! Getting … [Read more...]

Google Search – Filter by Reading Level!

This week’s tip shows a little-known, but awesome, feature within the Google search engine - the … [Read more...]

Kakooma Competition

This week’s tip takes advantage of one of my Game Leaderboard Templates to run a competition where … [Read more...]

Aww – A Web Whiteboard

This week’s tip features a simple, but powerful online drawing tool. It has the three things I love … [Read more...]

Google Research Tool

Last summer, Google sneaked a new tool in to Google Documents that is totally awesome. It allows … [Read more...]

Connecting an iPad to a Projector

You can connect most iPads and iPhones to a projector and mirror the display! Note - Video … [Read more...]

Teacher Tools

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Tammy’s Favorite Tools

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Social Studies

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Click the links below to see Tammy's favorite web resources: … [Read more...]

Language Arts

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Click the links below to see Tammy's favorite web resources: … [Read more...]

Creativity Tools

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Self-Check Quiz Templates

Want to give your students a quiz and then have the computer grade it for you? Then check out these … [Read more...]

Blogger – Student Guidelines

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Blogger – Moderating Comments

It is exciting to see comments that students, parents, or others have written in response to your … [Read more...]

Blogger – Using Embed Code

Using Embed Code in Blogger One of the great things about Blogger is that you can incorporate a … [Read more...]

Blogger – Creating a Blog

Google's Blogger tool is amazing and so easy you won't believe it. Give it a try! You can have a … [Read more...]

Using Google to find PowerPoint Presentations

You can use the features in the Advanced Google Search area to find PowerPoint presentations that … [Read more...]

ISTE Webinar – Jan. 8, 2014

Click the title below for the online handout: Cool Google Tools for the BYOD … [Read more...]

URL Shortener & QR Code Generator

Need to get your students to a website but the URL is really long? Just paste it into this pre-made … [Read more...]

QR Codes Basics

    I find QR codes to be fascinating and somewhat magical. I’m also excited … [Read more...]

Desktop Links – Easy Shortcuts to Websites!

This is an easy shortcut that makes it a breeze to get to any website with a double- … [Read more...]

Assignment Dropbox with Google Form

Gone are the days when students complete a paper worksheet and then put it in the wire box on the … [Read more...]

Audio QR Codes

Imagine students’ artwork hanging in your school’s hallway and beside each masterpiece is a QR code. … [Read more...]

First Baptist Academy Houston – Jan. 5, 2014

Click a title below to access the online handout: 8:30 - 9:15   Keynote - 21st Century Teaching - … [Read more...]

iFake Text

I’ve been reading lately about the novelty effect for increased attention spans in education. I … [Read more...]

Winter Break Math Challenge

Want your K-5 students to learn and practice new math skills during their winter … [Read more...]

Making Math Matter – Blue Springs, MO – Dec. 17, 2013

Click the link below for the handout from Tammy's session: Technology with Tammy … [Read more...]

Sock Puppets

This week I’m featuring one of my favorite apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The app is … [Read more...]

Teaching Channel

How long has it been since you’ve had the opportunity to watch another teacher present a lesson? If … [Read more...]

Scholastic Learning Activities

Looking for quick, engaging, and education activities for your elementary students? Well, Scholastic … [Read more...]

Copy Paste Character

Ever need a special character like ✄ or ✎, but you can’t remember the key combination to create it? … [Read more...]

Wolfram Alpha

We’re used to going to Google whenever we want to find information. However, there’s another tool … [Read more...]

Vitual Piano Keyboards

Ever want to lead your students in singing, “Happy Birthday” or play the Jeopardy jingle while … [Read more...]


In a previous tip, we learned about Wordle - a really cool site for creating word clouds. This … [Read more...]

Worksheet Works

This week’s tip features a web tool that will allow you create and print customized worksheets. In … [Read more...]

Remember a few years ago when I featured the TinyURL tool? Well, if you liked it, you’ll LOVE … [Read more...]

My Award Maker

As some of you wind down your school year, you might want to present some certificates to your … [Read more...]


This week’s tips features a cool online voice recording service that is super easy to use (and it … [Read more...]

Traveler IQ Challenge

This week’s tip features a fun (and sometimes addictive) online game that teaches and reinforces … [Read more...]

Spelling City

Want a fun, interactive way for students to learn spelling words and study for spelling tests? Check … [Read more...]


This week’s tip features a web tool that will create word clouds from text you provide. The more … [Read more...]


This week’s tip features a web tool that turns any text into an audio file. You can listen to it … [Read more...]

Random Name Picker

This week’s tip features a web tool that selects a random word from a list that you provide. When … [Read more...]

Print onto Sticky Notes

In this tip you'll learn how to print onto 3 x 3 sticky notes - using a regular computer and a … [Read more...]

Batch-Create QR Codes in Google Spreadsheet

Overview: Enter some text or a URL in a spreadsheet and a QR code will be automatically created - … [Read more...]

Letter to Viewers

Dear Viewers, As you can see, my website has been updated and redesigned! Yay! Hopefully you’ll … [Read more...]

Newspaper Clipping Generator

This week’s tip features a website that allows you to generate your own bogus newspaper clippings … [Read more...]

Greeting Card

Here’s a cool way to create and print greeting cards using, of all things, the PowerPoint program. … [Read more...]

Instant Poetry

This week’s tips features a website that provides dozens of poetry forms for students. Similar to a … [Read more...]

Virtual Math Manipulatives

This week’s resource is a fabulous website that allows students to gain conceptual math … [Read more...]

Humorous Language Tool

Last week we explored the Google language tool that allowed you to translate text into different … [Read more...]

Google Translate

This week’s tip explores a Google tool that allows you to translate text into different languages. … [Read more...]

Gift Idea – Coupon Booklet

Here’s an almost free gift that is easy for students to create for their parents -- a coupon … [Read more...]

How Old Am I?

This week’s tip features a website that will calculate how old you are -- not only in years, but … [Read more...]

This Day in History

This week’s tip features a website that is fun for kids and adults. Using this site, you can create … [Read more...]

Google Search Tips

Google is commonly used to search for information, but it has a lot of "hidden" features that can … [Read more...]

URL Shorteners

Ever come across a web address that is really really long? Maybe you want to write it on a … [Read more...]

About Me

Just in case you were wondering... I grew up in a tiny town of around 200 people (Bogue, … [Read more...]


Here's what teachers are saying about Tammy's presentations. Want to add your own … [Read more...]

Topics and Descriptions

Keynote Presentations: 45 to 90 minute keynote speech 21st Century Teaching & Learning - It's … [Read more...]

Training & Presentations

    Training / Presentation Opportunities Tammy Worcester Tang is a highly sought … [Read more...]

What Am I?

This is a great activity that can be done in a short amount of time for any content area. Could be … [Read more...]

Children’s Story Map

Create in PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or Keynote Students write a children's story that … [Read more...]

Post Card

Instead of having students write a report about a place, why not have them create a post card. … [Read more...]

ABC Biography

Students find 26 facts about a famous person and rewrite them so that one fact begins with each … [Read more...]


Instead of having students write a report, how about an acrostic? Students choose a topic and then … [Read more...]

Pinterest Education Board

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Greensboro, NC – Dec. 5, 6 & 6, 2013

Click a title below for the online handout: Thursday, Dec. 5 5:00 - 7:00  Go Digital! … [Read more...]

Tammy’s Bio

Tammy Worcester Tang Distinguished Educator, Author, and Presenter Tammy Worcester Tang has over … [Read more...]

Web Resources

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iPad Apps

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*Game Leaderboards

These easy-to-use templates allow you to track leaders for the day, the week, and all-time leaders … [Read more...]

Tammy’s Calendar

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