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Tammy Worcester Tang is a highly sought after speaker, published author, and dedicated educator. She brings a unique perspective, loads of enthusiasm, a wide scope of knowledge, and is a sure bet to enhance your inservice or conference experience.

Tammy is always popular as a keynote or featured speaker at statewide, regional, and national conferences. Participants of ISTE have selected Tammy’s workshops as “best of the conference” in two consecutive years.

Please contact Tammy to request information about availability for your school, district, or conference.





  1. Hi Tammy, and I have used tons of your tools deploying technology at our school. I I am building a professional development budget and was wondering what a day would look like If you presented.
    Specifically I am looking for ipad integration ideas. I we are a Chromebook school in 6-8. Recently we bought a classroom set of ipads that will be shared in preschool-5.
    How much do you charge? Approximately 20 teachers in attendance. I or we could piggy back on a presentation you are doing in the Inland empire San Bernardino County. Or we could host a seminar. We have an awesome facility.

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