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Here’s a cool way to create and print greeting cards using, of all things, the PowerPoint program. Student can use this method to design their own holiday cards, and/or to create thank you notes for all the holiday gifts they receive.

Note – this can also be done using Keynote or a Google Presentation.

Getting Ready:

1. Open a new blank PowerPoint document with a blank slide.

2. Pull down the File menu to Page Setup.

3. Change the slide orientation to Portrait.


Entering the Title – Slide 1:

1. Use a text box or WordArt to enter your greeting: “Happy Holidays”, “Thank You”, “You Are Invited”, etc.

2. Resize so that your greeting fills up most of the slide.

3. Rotate your text box or WordArt so that it is upside down.

Creating a Blank Slide – Slide 2:

1. Pull down the Insert menu to New Slide.

2. Leave slide 2 blank.


Adding a Picture – Slide 3

1. Pull down the Insert menu to New Slide.

2. Choose the blank slide layout.

3. Add an appropriate picture / clip art.

Entering your Message – Slide 4:

1. Pull down the Insert menu to New Slide.

2. Choose the blank slide layout

3. Add a text box and type your message.

4. Change fonts, sizes, colors, etc. as desired.

Printing, Folding, and Cutting:

1. Pull down the File menu to Print.

2. Print as a Handout – 4 slides per page.

3. Fold the page into fourths – top to bottom and then side to side.

4. While it is folded, trim about 3/4 inch from the bottom and 1/2 inch from the right side.


  1. Tammie Thompson says:

    Tammy, thank you so much for this idea. I will share this with the teachers on my campus. I did do a little tweaking though. You probably already know this, but thought I would share with you. I didn’t like the lines around the “slides” so I removed them by selecting “scale to fit paper” in Print mode. I also, removed the date and page number that showed up on the page; not the slides. I removed the date & page # by selecting Master in the View mode and Handout Master. Thank you again for all of your ideas. I’ve heard you speak in Austin several times. You’re AWESOME!!!

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