Point-of-View Slide Show

Students choose an object and then think outside the box as they look at that object from a variety … [Read more...]

T-rrific T-shirts

In this activity, students will design and print T-shirtsthat tell why they are T-rrific! Tools to … [Read more...]

Building Healthy Bodies

In this activity, students will use two slides to create the head, the torso, the arms and the legs … [Read more...]

Pizza Glyph

In this activity, students will create a glyph using the theme of a pizza. On a computer or mobile … [Read more...]

Audio QR Code Learning Center

Set up a recording center for students that will allow students to embed an audio recording into a … [Read more...]

*ABC Detective Agency Template

In this fun and fast-paced activity, students play the role of detectives working for the ABC … [Read more...]

Audio QR Codes

Imagine students’ artwork hanging in your school’s hallway and beside each masterpiece is a QR code. … [Read more...]

iFake Text

I’ve been reading lately about the novelty effect for increased attention spans in education. I … [Read more...]

Greeting Card

Here’s a cool way to create and print greeting cards using, of all things, the PowerPoint program. … [Read more...]

Gift Idea – Coupon Booklet

Here’s an almost free gift that is easy for students to create for their parents -- a coupon … [Read more...]

What Am I?

This is a great activity that can be done in a short amount of time for any content area. Could be … [Read more...]

Children’s Story Map

Create in PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or Keynote Students write a children's story that … [Read more...]

Post Card

Instead of having students write a report about a place, why not have them create a post card. … [Read more...]

ABC Biography

Students find 26 facts about a famous person and rewrite them so that one fact begins with each … [Read more...]


Instead of having students write a report, how about an acrostic? Students choose a topic and then … [Read more...]