Pizza Glyph


In this activity, students will create a glyph using the theme of a pizza. On a computer or mobile device, they will build a pizza with ingredients based on data about themselves. 

Tool to Use:

Google Presentation or PowerPoint
(Can also be done using any mobile app that provides basic drawing tools and colors)


Creating the Pizza Crust

  1. Open a blank slide.
  2. Use the oval tool to draw a large circle on the slide. This will be your pizza crust.
  3. Change the circle (pizza crust) to yellow if you are a girl and to brown if you are a boy.
  4. Add a slightly smaller circle on top of the “crust.”
  5. Fill the new circle with white. (This will be a white sauce.)


Adding Toppings

Use the Shapes tool to:

  1. Add a sausage (a rectangle) on the right side of the pizza if you are right-handed and on the left side of the pizza if you are left-handed.
  2. Make the sausage the color of your hair.
  3. Add a pineapple (a triangle) to the top of the pizza if your age is an even number or to the bottom of the pizza if your age is an odd number.
  4. Change the pineapple to the color of your eyes.
  5. Add a pepperoni. (A circle)
  6. Make the pepperoni your favorite color.
  7. Copy and Paste or Duplicate (Command or Control + D) so that you have one pepperoni for each letter in your first name.
  8. Place the pepperoni wherever you want on your pizza.


Analyzing the Data

Look at one of the pictures:

  • What can you tell about the person by looking at his/her pizza?
  • Can you guess whose pizza it is?

 In groups of 4 or 5, compare your pizzas:

  • Are there more boys or girls in your group?
  • Which two people are most alike? Most different?
  • What is the largest number of letters in the first name? (The maximum)
  • What is the smallest number of letters in the first name? (The minimum)
  • What percent of people in your group are right handed?
  • What fraction of people in your group have an even-numbered age?






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