Wolfram Alpha


We’re used to going to Google whenever we want to find information. However, there’s another tool that might better meet your needs in some situations…

 WolframAlpha is considered a computational knowledge engine. Instead of giving you websites, it gives you facts and answers!

Try it for yourself:

Go to: http://www.wolframalpha.com/

Enter something like: 2x + 15 = 45

And the results will show:

Where was this when I was taking Algebra?

. . . . . . . . . .

If I enter something like: Bogue, Kansas

The results will show:


Note – When I scroll down, I also see a local map, the current time, the current weather, the economic properties, the geographic properties, nearby cities, and the county.


Other searches to try:

  • Enter Kansas and Texas and it will build a table to compare the two states.
  • Enter your birthdate to find out: what day of the week you were born; how old you are in years, weeks, and days; and famous people who share your birthday.
  • Enter a food (apple, donut, Big Mac) to see the number of calories and the nutritional value.
  • Enter your height and weight to see your body mass index, fat mass, lean body mass, and ideal body weight.
  • Enter any number to see it written as a roman numeral and in binary form (along with lots of other info).
  • Enter a person’s name for all sorts of facts.
  • Click the “Examples” link on the home page for tons more search options!




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