Using Google to find PowerPoint Presentations


You can use the features in the Advanced Google Search area to find PowerPoint presentations that are already created!

Searching for PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the desired search terms. (These may be key words of topics you will be teaching soon.)
  3. Perform the search.
  4. Pull down the “Gear” in the upper right corner and choose “Advanced Search.”
  5. In the Advanced Search window:
    1. Choose the File Type – Microsoft PowerPoint.
    2. Click the “Advanced Search” button.
    3. This will return a list of PowerPoint files.
      Note – In the example below, a search for PowerPoint files with the words “simple machines” returned 21,200 results.


Finding PowerPoint Games
Many teachers (and others) have created games using PowerPoint. You can find these games by using Google’s Advanced Search options:

  1. Add the word “jeopardy” or “millionaire” to your key word.
  2. Choose the File Type, Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. Click the “Advanced Search” button. Then follow the instructions above to open and use the game. Be sure to view the file as a “Slide Show” to play the game

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