Traveler IQ Challenge


This week’s tip features a fun (and sometimes addictive) online game that teaches and reinforces geography skills. Students race the clock as they try to pinpoint various locations on a map.

The Traveler IQ Challenge

 To Play

  1. Go to
  2. .Scroll down a bit.
  3. Choose the desired challenge: World, North America, USA, etc.
  4. Click start.
    -At the top of the map, you will see your prompt / location.
  5. Click the map.
    – You have 10 seconds to click where you think the location is on the map.
  6. View your score.
    – Your score will be calculated based on the amount of time it took you and how close you got.
  7. Click the “next” button and repeat steps 5 and 6.





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