Student Class Notebook Template


Using this template, students can replace a paper notebook with a digital one. Created in a Google spreadsheet, students can access it from any computer. It includes a cover, an assignment page, a learning journal page, and a page for notes. Pages (sheets) can easily be duplicated and modified.

Click this link to get your own copy:
☞ Student Class Notebook Template

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account.
  2. Click the link above and make a copy of the template.
    This will put the spreadsheet into your Google Drive. Once it’s there, you can use it over and over!
  3. Change the titles and labels as desired.




  1. Ben McCrea says:

    I am pretty sure if you have a google classroom you can do this if you assign this notebook to a class. It creates a folder for you and all of their notebooks show up there. You need to add your diagram first. Not sure how to share an image after they have opened it as it creates a copy for them. You could send any new images etc. to them as a new assignment and then have them copy and paste it into their own notebooks. Hope that helps

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    Actually I have a question. With the student class notebook – is there a way I can send diagrams and text to all student notebooks? Also, is there a way all notebooks can come to my device, so I can look them over and grade, can I also add comments to their pages?


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