Point-of-View Slide Show


Students choose an object and then think outside the box as they look at that object from a variety of perspectives.

On a computer, create in: Google Presentation, Keynote, or PowerPoint
On an iPad, create using: Google Presentation, Keynote, Explain Everything, Educreations, or any other slideshow or screencast app.




  1. The students choose a common object such as:
    – a dog
    – a cat
    – a flower
    – a leaf
    – a raindrop
    – a pencil
    – a brick
    – a stick
    – a piece of wood
    – a bucket
    – a tire
    – a triangle
    – a shoe
  2. The student creates a slide show that defines their chosen object from different points of view.
  3. The student can add images, change fonts and sizes, and add special effects, as desired.

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  1. I am a teacher librarian and I was looking for an idea to ‘Show What You Know’ with my grade 1’s. We are starting our Inquiry Based unit on Community. I thought your idea was a brilliant way to share what they know about people and places in our community!

    A hospital… Is a place where you get help when you are hurt
    A restaurant…is a place where you can eat
    A library ….is a place to find a good book.
    A police man….helps you when you are in trouble.

    Thank you so much for sharing this great resource!!

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