Google Maps Distance Measurement Tool

This hidden feature provides a great way to easily measure distances on a Google Map.

Google Maps Distance Measurement Tool



  1. Go to:
  2. Right-click (control-click for Mac users) the map at the desired starting point.
  3. Choose “Measure Distance.”
  4. Click the map to create the path.
  5. View the distance in the white box at the bottom of the map.
  6. Click and drag to change the path.
  7. Delete the path by clicking the “x” in the white box at the bottom of the map.

Hint: Zoom in to measure distances within your community. (I use this to see how far I’ve gone on my evening walk.)

Classroom Connections:

  • Students first estimate the distance from Anchorage to Austin and then measure to see the actual distance.
  • Students see how far it would be if they could fly from their house to the school.
  • Students measure the distance around a state, a country, the school playground, a lake, etc.
  • Students find a jogging route starting at the school (or their home) that is exactly 1 mile long.
  • Students trace the route of an explorer to see how far he/she traveled.

In the comments area below, please post more ideas for using this in (or out) of the classroom.




  1. How did I not know that??? Thanks, Tammy!

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