Audio QR Code Learning Center


Set up a recording center for students that will allow students to embed an audio recording into a QR code. Older students can follow the instructions on their own; younger students may need a teacher, parent, or older student to help.

Getting Ready

  1. Set up a “recording station” in a quiet area. Make sure the area includes a computer with a microphone.
  2. Decide with the teacher what to have students record:
    – a message for Mom for Mother’s Day
    – information about artwork they’ve created
    – facts about an animal (or any concept)
    – a review of a book or movie
    – a story they’ve created
    – themselves speaking in a foreign language
    – other
  3. One student at at time will come to the recording station to record their voice.

Recording Audio

  1. Go to
  2. Use the record/stop/ buttons to record the student’s message.

  3. Click the play button to hear the recording.
  4. Click the Save Recording button.

  5. Copy the provided URL.

Creating the QR Code

Option 1:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the URL option and paste the URL you copied in step 5 above.

  3. Right-click (win) or control-click the QR Code and copy it.
  4. Paste it into a word processing (or other) document, add your name, and print.


Option 2:

Create the QR code(s) in a Google Spreadsheet. Click here for instructions.





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