*ABC Detective Agency Template


In this fun and fast-paced activity, students play the role of detectives working for the ABC Detective Agency. The teacher will give them an “assignment”, and their job will be to work together to come up with one fact or word that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

Note – The teacher can choose to accept all entries or to moderate the entries.

Using the template:

Click the link below to open the template. (Note – you will be asked to make a copy. When you agree, a copy of the spreadsheet will be moved to your Google Drive area.)

ABC Detective Agency Template

Follow the on-screen instructions to do the activity.



In the following example, student-detectives worked together to come up with an animal that started with each letter of the alphabet:


Ideas for ABC Detectives:
For each letter of the alphabet, find one:

  • animal
  • city in Texas
  • fact about the polar bear
  • word that describes winter
  • girl’s name
  • famous person
  • job or occupation
  • synonym for “good”

Please add your own ideas in the comments area below.





  1. This works great for Spanish class tooas a vocabulary review!

  2. Karen Mac says:

    I would mix mine up as a warm up activity for high school students and require the following:
    (2) Last name of a president
    (2) examples of onomatopoeia
    (3) words that describe you
    (3) names of a high school courses
    (4) names of colleges and/or universities
    along with others you have shared on your list…
    Thanks for posting!

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